Why you should attend business events

Why you should attend business events

Marie-Hélène Gyorog

September 11th, 2019


Companies often wonder if sending their employees to business events or tradeshows is worth it. It is true that the total cost of attending these events is more often than not very high. It also doesn’t help that their return on investment is difficulty measurable. So why should companies attend business events?


Welcome new professionals 

For professionals who are starting their careers or entering a new industry, networking conferences are the ideal environment to develop their network and knowledge.

Indeed, rarely will professionals have the opportunity to meet industry leaders, learn about the competitors and deepen their understanding, all in one setting. These events are unique environments that are conceived to elevate new professionals by giving them easy access to a network and opportunities.

It’s also important to note that B2B conferences are especially beneficial to those who venture into new conversations. Talk to attendees, exhibitors and conference speakers! By doing so you will leave the event knowledgeable, but also having made a first step into your industry.


Experience industry changes

However, don’t be mistaken; business events aren’t just beneficial to new professionals. On the contrary, these events are formative for the simple reason that they welcome professionals from all occupations and who are at different career stages.

Keeping this in mind, what better place is there to generate change and see your industry adapt to these new turns than at corporate events. By participating in two or three conferences a year, you are sure to be at the forefront of change, as well as a contributing actor to these developments.


Our easy networking solution

Corporate events are also the ideal opportunity to grow your network and plan meetings with industry leaders. Business intelligence tools, like B2B/2GO, simplify the process of booking one-on-one business meetings by allowing you to look at the profiles of participants before the event and sending them meeting requests.

These event matchmaking softwares are ideal for small businesses who wish to build their professional business network, but aren’t sure where to start.

Lastly, if you have difficulties networking, don’t forget to check out our previous blog post “How to network when you’re an introvert” for a couple tips on how to start conversations at networking conferences!


Rethink your company

Business events aren’t just beneficial to individuals, they are also very advantageous from a company standpoint. In fact, corporate events not only give companies visibility, but also allow them to better their marketing strategies and optimize their market research.

Think about how rare it is for companies to have a direct contact with their customers. During tradeshows, take advantage of the value of in-person interactions and get to know your clients. This will allow you to evaluate your targeting methods, scout potential customers and be critical of your product.


Eventhough the value of business events may be difficult to measure, we believe they are essential to the development of a company and of an individual.

Whether this be to grow your network, rethink your customer targeting or keep up with industry developments, we recommend talking to your professional circle about their preferred events and chose a couple to attend throughout the year. We have no doubt you will leave your next business event with renewed knowledge and inspiration.

We’re up for the challenge!

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