Laurence Dufour-Bouchard

May 14th 2021

You present at a virtual business event ?

Here is a simple but precise list to avoid forgetting anything!

Prep – Before the event

1. Questions to ask the event planner

  • How do you visualize your networking event ? What ambiance do you have in mind: collaborative/friendly or very corporate?
  • What are the important deadlines? Technical rehearsals, documents to be sent, etc.
  • Which technology will be used? Who will play the videos and share the presentations during the webinar? Does the presenter manage this, or is this done by the tech?
  • How can I reach you if I need assistance?

2. Make sure you have the appropriate setup

Equip yourself with electronic devices suitable for videoconferencing:

  • Computer equipped with a camera. Using a smartphone or tablet is not recommended.
  • Earphones or headphones with an integrated microphone. Do not use your computer’s speakers and microphone. Headphones or headphones with integrated microphones are required for a good sound during the conference.

Ensure a good internet connection:

  • We recommend using a wired internet connection. Make sure that it is dedicated to your use and not shared with services with high bandwidth consumption (video games, large downloads, etc.).
  • On the computer you are using, make sure to close other unnecessary applications that could affect your internet connection and the use of your camera and microphone.

Choose a quiet and well-lit place:

  • Some backdrop is acceptable – such as artwork, plants and bookcases if they are minimal. Do not use a virtual background as they can be very distracting.
  • Turn off all your notifications so that other participants cannot hear your ringtones or reminders.
  • Be careful not have a window behind you, or close the curtains, so as not to be backlit.

3. Run tests with the event planner:

  • Take the time to test all the functionalities of the virtual meeting room.
  • Practice with the same technical configuration (computer and Internet connection) that you will use during the presentation.

Things to keep in mind the day of the event

1. How to look great on video

  • Look at the camera, this is the new eye contact! If your laptop is too low, elevate your laptop with books. This will allow you to look directly into your camera and speak directly to the audience.
  • Smile when you speak and give your presentation with more energy than you usually would – the camera absorbs 50% of the energy!
  • If you have speaking notes, consider setting up a second screen next to your laptop. This way you won’t look down at your notes during the presentation.

2. Last checkup before going live

  • Make sure your computer is plugged to a charger for the entire length of the panel.
  • Close all applications that you will not be using. This will enhance your internet connection.
  • Please use headphones with a microphone. This will improve your sound quality.
  • Access the web conference using a computer, as opposed to a tablet or a phone.

3. To join the virtual conference room

  • A link will be set up and provided to you before your presentation. Remember, the link provided to the speakers is always different from the one provided to the participants.
  • Make sure to access the virtual room around 30 minutes before the beginning of the session to test your setup one last time and go over any last minute details.
  • When you connect to the call, participants will not be able to see you the tech starts broadcasting.
  • However, keep in mind that you are always one click away from being live.

Touchpoint after the event

1. Make sure to do a follow up with event attendees :

  • If you haven’t had a chance to answer all of the participants’ questions, ask the organizer to get in touch with them on the virtual event platform. Ideally, the organizer will provide you with a B2B networking platform to facilitate networking. The B2B/2GO networking platform offers this service.
  • If you agreed to share any documentation shown during your presentation, for example, your PowerPoint presentation, be sure to share a PDF copy that contains your contact details.

We’re up for the challenge!

Do you have specific need? A special request?
B2B/2GO can integrate complementary tools and even create a customized web-based platform for you.

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