Is it possible to recreate the experience of an exhibition hall?

The pandemic has shown us that it is difficult to recreate the experience of an exhibition hall in a virtual setting. Regardless of the context of your event, in-person exhibition halls are the ideal setting for participants to wander from booth to booth and meet the various exhibitors of the event.

On the other hand, participants who attend virtual events will target their needs, manage their time efficiently, and contact only those who have caught their attention.

This is why our platform doesn’t offer a traditional “booth” function, but instead offers exhibitors the chance to showcase their products and services by creating a quality profile on the platform. When creating their profiles, exhibitors can include different promotional materials, such as a downloadable PDF document, the link to a promotional video, the links to their social media pages, and more.

Depending on the event and the requests of the client, exhibitors can also be showcased during round table sessions. For instance, each exhibiting companies could host a round table. Participants would then register to these roundtables, meet the exhibitors and participate in a presentation of their services.

Finally, if participants are looking for more information, they can get in touch with exhibitors on the platform chat and even plan a private meeting with them in our private meeting rooms, with functionalities including: camera, microphone, chat and the possibility to share their screen.

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