Does the platform have a smart matchmaking tool for participants?

Yes, this tool is actually the core of our platform! Before the pandemic, the B2B/2GO platform hosted events for a few years already. Our mission then, was to help corporate event participants connect through smart matchmaking. This is still the case now!

Over the past year, B2B/2GO has offered a virtual platform service built on years of experience of in-person events.

Here are a few aspects of our smart matchmaking tool on the platform:

Depending on the keywords selected by the users, the platform will generate personalised recommendations of compatible profiles. With this tool, participants can make the most of their attendance by targeting profiles which are compatible with their needs. These profiles can also be saved as favorites and easily found at a later date.

Alternatively, participants can use the search filter on the platform to align their search with the type of participant, keyword or other criteria they are looking for.

Lastly, once a participant has identified interesting profiles on the platform, they can interact directly with these profiles. Each profile has a private chat window which allows participants to interact with one another and plan a meeting together.

Confirmed meetings will take place on the day of the event in private and secure meeting rooms on the platform. All meeting rooms include the following functionalities: camera, microphone, chat and screen sharing capabilities.

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