Can we customise the platform to fit the colors of our event or of our organization?

Yes! The platform is customised to fit your event or your organisation’s visual identity. This is achieved in a few ways: your own selection of colors, your event banner placed at the top of the platform and in the emails sent to participants, a short description of your event on the homepage, direct links to the website and social medias of the event, a newsfeed where you can showcase your event, pictures and videos … And finally, the terminology of the platform can also be adapted to your event.

Furthermore, the platform contains dedicated spaces for your event sponsors, with premium visibility: the homepage and registration page contains a carousel of logos which can be hyperlinked with sponsor websites, emails sent from the platform also have a dedicated space for a banner showcasing the event sponsors, and finally the newsfeed allows you to put forward the sponsors (promotional material, photos, videos).

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