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With B2B/2GO, invite your attendees to participate in online networking events, even from home. We built our virtual networking feature on two pillars: simplicity and accessibility.

A matchmaking platform for your virtual business networking events

Our AI matchmaking platform facilitates online business meetings during networking events. Our networking platform includes an online meeting software and video conferencing tools. With these online meeting tools, your participants can easily book face to face business meetings and attend video meetings with audio, camera, and screen share to present in real time. 

Users can access their online business meetings safely and in a simple click. No download is required and all meetings can be taken directly on their browsers in private virtual meeting rooms.

At B2B/2GO, users are accompanied every step of the way. Before, during and after their meetings, we offer top-tier customer service. This ensures that your participants are never left with unanswered questions, and that their virtual meetings are assisted by an online concierge.

A virtual meeting tool easily adaptable to your event

Alongside traditional one-on-one business meetings, users can also participate in virtual round tables, video conferences and professional coaching too. 

With B2B/2GO virtual networking platform, users can add their activities, meetings and conferences to their own personalized agenda. This will ensure your participants are equipped with all the tools necessary to meet, greet and not miss a beat, even from home!

Keep your attendees informed of changes, delays and more with notifications and reminders.

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We’re up for the challenge!

Do you have specific need? A special request?
B2B/2GO can integrate complementary tools and even create a customized web-based platform for you.