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During business events, companies aim to meet new clients and find potential suppliers. These interactions can be greatly facilitated and heightened by integrating a networking tool to your event.

B2B/2GO’s booking system simplifies meeting arrangements between participants of the event. With our top-tier technology and personalised concierge services, meetings are arranged based on common company interests and compatible business development opportunities.

Suppliers and vendors of goods and services, are able to get in touch with the right people and in turn maximise opportunities for business development.

Provide your participants with the possibility of coordinating one-on-one business meetings that are located on the same premises as your event.

A simple and efficient technology

Our safe and intuitive technology allows users to view the full list of participants before the event networking. By doing so, they can receive meeting requests in advance, as well as build their own schedule in a way that maximizes their time and interactions during the event itself.

Once on-site, users will receive their schedules with a detailed overview of their business meetings, including the time and location of each of these.

Lastly, following the event, users will be able to continue their discussions via the B2B/2GO platform, or even engage in new conversations.