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Networking professionals are always present in companies and delegations.

They grasp the realities of their industry, possess a large business network and can easily adopt the role of a facilitator.

Give your participants the opportunity to plan their meetings with the support of a third party: the sales representative. This administrative account tool for sales representatives allows them to manage their delegations and put companies with similar interests in touch.

An all-encompassing event matchmaking platform

B2B/2GO offers different types of access to our networking platform. For instance, managerial accounts allow you to oversee large groups of users and their dashboards, as well as match companies with converging interests. Moreover, participants retain the freedom to use the tool to their liking and can use our platform to organise meetings independently.

Each individual is given access to their own personalised agenda, whereas the facilitator will possess an overall agenda of all meetings held within their group of users.

During the event, meetings can be held with or without the presence of a facilitator.