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Communication has become a key factor to the success of networking events of all types. Our B2B matchmaking platform provides participants with the possibility of participating in round table discussions and exchanging insights on relevant industry topics.

round table meetings

Gather your participants around round table meetings

Our round table meetings gather a group of people in-person or in a virtual room around common discussion points. Round tables can also be moderated to facilitate audience questions and to ensure effective networking. 

Before engaging in round table discussions, participants will want to know about:

  • Subject options
  • The duration of exchanges
  • The partakers

In just a few clicks, our matchmaking platform will provide your participants with all the information they need. In fact, participants are not only able to view offered discussion topics, but will also have the chance to propose new subjects and view the profiles of the audience members with whom they will be interacting with. Once they have finalized their decisions, all that’s left to do is to reserve a spot at the table!

Our networking platform will guide your participants every step of the way. And by alleviating part of your event planning, you will now have the time to be fully implicated in the discussions of your B2B event.

A flexible and fast business networking solution 

With our straightforward and efficient technology, participants can reserve a spot at a round table discussion in just a click. 

On our B2B matchmaking platform, each participant is given the necessary tools to make well-rounded decisions and prepare for their interactions. For instance, participants are made aware of the topics of discussion in advance and have access to the profiles of all partakers.

Moreover, this networking activity doesn’t have to follow a rigid structure. In fact, you can increase engagement amongst participants by encouraging them to propose a topic and engage in discussions about subjects they feel passionate about.

Having these features in place during the networking event ensures that all networking activities unfold effortlessly and that the discussions that arise from these are conclusive.

We’re up for the challenge!

Do you have specific need? A special request?
B2B/2GO can integrate complementary tools and even create a customized web-based platform for you.