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At B2B/2GO, we built our platform on two pillars : simplicity and accessibility.

Why choose hybrid? 

Market trends which were previously focused on in-person events, took a turn in 2020 to virtual events, and later in 2021-2022 to hybrid events. This change in paradigme is here to stay. The rapid turn to technology-based events has meant some events organizers and participants now find themselves in a  universe they aren’t comfortable in. This is why it’s even more so important to use a technology that is easy to use, flexible and comes equipped with a support service.


B2B/2GO has developed a platform which is 100% personalized, and therefore offers a precision and variety in functionalities that is unrivalled.  Furthermore, our capacity to adapt to the specific needs of our clients is unlimited. As a company on a human-scale, we are exceptionally versatile and agile. This allows us to maintain close relationships with our clients, which in turn have the opportunity to express their needs and to be heard.


The event organiser can create the networking schedule of his choice: a few time slots can be exclusively reserved for hybrid meetings, and a few others for virtual meetings only! For instance, during a convention, early-morning meetings could be scheduled virtually, before the in-person event even opens its doors to attendees.

Then, the choice is given to the participant. Participants can mold their attendance: they can schedule some meetings in-person, and others virtually! When scheduling meetings, participants will indicate whether or not they are attending the event in person. Break-down:

  • The user sends a meeting request by selecting their attendance type.
  • The user who receives the request will see their common availability. Depending on their choice, virtual or in-person, their common availability will be updated around on the available meeting locations of the event. A visual and textual indicator will indicate to both users why certain time slots are greyed out or not clickable.

Finally, depending on their choice, the platform will automatically reserve a location for their meeting. Whether this be a virtual meeting room, a table or meeting station.


With B2B/2GO, your participants are supported during every step of your event. Whether this be before, during or after their meetings, we offer turnkey technical support. With our top-tier customer service, your participants will never find themselves without answers and their meetings will be supervised by our agents. 

Benefits for your event

Our platform helps you quantify your event in many ways. How many participants registered to your activities? Which country or sector did your participants come from? How many meetings were planned and how many actually took place?

A wide range of data will be made available to you. An analysis is also possible. For instance, in the case of a networking event, was the offer and demand proportional? A rigorous reflection can be formulated from these statistics.

Mettez-nous au défi

Avez-vous un besoin particulier ? Une demande spéciale ?
B2B/2GO peut intégrer des outils additionnels et même créer une plateforme web à la carte pour vous.