1. Here are a few of the most asked questions our team receives when event organizers meet us for the first time!If you would like to receive additional details, please don’t hesitate to contact us : info@b2b-2go.com!
  2. Yes, the platform allows you to generate detailed statistics of the platform activities.

    Before and during the event, an administrator access is shared with the client, allowing them to follow the platform activity: activation of profiles on the platform, registration to the event activities, analysis of the meeting requests, etc.

    After the event, a meeting will be organized with the client to analyse the platform data relating to the activities of the event (attendance rate of the meetings, user’s selection of keywords, average number of views on profiles…). During this meeting, we will also review the project and discuss positive the takeaways and points of improvement of the event.

    Following this meeting, the full post-event report will be sent to the client, alongside the data collected on the platform (participant database, meeting report, registration to the activities, data pull from the newsfeed…)

    Yes! The platform is customised to fit your event or your organisation’s visual identity. This is achieved in a few ways: your own selection of colors, your event banner placed at the top of the platform and in the emails sent to participants, a short description of your event on the homepage, direct links to the website and social medias of the event, a newsfeed where you can showcase your event, pictures and videos … And finally, the terminology of the platform can also be adapted to your event.

    Furthermore, the platform contains dedicated spaces for your event sponsors, with premium visibility: the homepage and registration page contains a carousel of logos which can be hyperlinked with sponsor websites, emails sent from the platform also have a dedicated space for a banner showcasing the event sponsors, and finally the newsfeed allows you to put forward the sponsors (promotional material, photos, videos).

    Yes! The platform contains a specific tab where you can add your event program as a PDF document, and add individual interactive activities.

    Our platform also offers the possibility of hosting simultaneous activities in virtual rooms which are adapted to your needs: one-on-one meeting rooms, group meetings rooms and conference rooms.

    Participants can familiarize themselves with the full event program and create their event schedule based on their own availability by selecting the activities they wish to participate in.

    Web diffusion is included in our service offering and can be added to your contract. However, if the client prefers to manage this portion of the event himself, no worries! We are very flexible et we can adapt to your needs.

    Yes, and it’s one of the strong suits of the B2B/2GO platform: our team prides itself on offering one-on-one human support to its users that is attentive and direct!

    Users can seek immediate support with our team on the platform chat, which is a feature they greatly appreciate.

    Our technical support team is accessible by phone, chat and email throughout the duration of the event (before, during and after). During the event, our team is also present in the virtual rooms when this is necessary.

    A short technical test will be organized before the event with the hosts and speakers to help them familiarize themselves with the virtual rooms. Following this meeting, a PDF guide will be sent to them by email.

    It is the client’s responsibility to ensure all speakers are present during these meetings.

    Yes, this tool is actually the core of our platform! Before the pandemic, the B2B/2GO platform hosted events for a few years already. Our mission then, was to help corporate event participants connect through smart matchmaking. This is still the case now!

    Over the past year, B2B/2GO has offered a virtual platform service built on years of experience of in-person events.

    Here are a few aspects of our smart matchmaking tool on the platform:

    Depending on the keywords selected by the users, the platform will generate personalised recommendations of compatible profiles. With this tool, participants can make the most of their attendance by targeting profiles which are compatible with their needs. These profiles can also be saved as favorites and easily found at a later date.

    Alternatively, participants can use the search filter on the platform to align their search with the type of participant, keyword or other criteria they are looking for.

    Lastly, once a participant has identified interesting profiles on the platform, they can interact directly with these profiles. Each profile has a private chat window which allows participants to interact with one another and plan a meeting together.

    Confirmed meetings will take place on the day of the event in private and secure meeting rooms on the platform. All meeting rooms include the following functionalities: camera, microphone, chat and screen sharing capabilities.

    Yes, the platform automatically sends users notifications a few minutes before their meetings or the activities they have signed up for. These notifications are sent by SMS or by email, depending on the users’ preference.

    Our platform offers two registration options:

    1- Sharing the platform link: unlimited access!

    The URL link of the platform can be shared on the event website, on the event registration page or by email. All users who have access to this link can register to the platform by filling out our registration form.

    2- With registration lists: controlled access!

    We can send the platform link to a list of designated participants, which are pre-determined by the clients. Only the users who receive this link will be able to access the platform. Each email invitation contains a personalised hyperlink, allowing those who receive it to create their profile on the platform.

    Our platform can welcome up to 5’000 users at once.

    Our platform is available in French, English or both (bilingual in French and English), depending on your needs. Our user support team, which can be reached by chat, email and phone, is also bilingual!

    The pandemic has shown us that it is difficult to recreate the experience of an exhibition hall in a virtual setting. Regardless of the context of your event, in-person exhibition halls are the ideal setting for participants to wander from booth to booth and meet the various exhibitors of the event.

    On the other hand, participants who attend virtual events will target their needs, manage their time efficiently, and contact only those who have caught their attention.

    This is why our platform doesn’t offer a traditional “booth” function, but instead offers exhibitors the chance to showcase their products and services by creating a quality profile on the platform. When creating their profiles, exhibitors can include different promotional materials, such as a downloadable PDF document, the link to a promotional video, the links to their social media pages, and more.

    Depending on the event and the requests of the client, exhibitors can also be showcased during round table sessions. For instance, each exhibiting companies could host a round table. Participants would then register to these roundtables, meet the exhibitors and participate in a presentation of their services.

    Finally, if participants are looking for more information, they can get in touch with exhibitors on the platform chat and even plan a private meeting with them in our private meeting rooms, with functionalities including: camera, microphone, chat and the possibility to share their screen.

    Yes! The platform is accessible from a computer, a cellphone or a tablet, participants can plan their event on these three devices. The day of the event, we recommend participants use a computer to access their activities from a calm environment. This practice ensures optimal image and sound quality.

    Our platform stays open a few days after the event to allow participants to view the recordings of the activities and to finalize their networking on the platform. Participants also have the opportunity to extract the data of the participants they wish to stay in touch with.

    The closing date of the platform is decided prior to the event with the client and is announced to participants after the event.

    B2B/2GO does, we are here for this!

    Once your contract is processed, a project manager from B2B/2GO will be assigned to your event. They will accompany you before, during and after your event on all aspects of the platform: creation of your platform with your own visual identity (integration of images, texts and event program), drafting of emails sent to participants from the platform, customer support for your users, and management of the activities during the event.

    The technical production of the event and the follow-up of users is 100% managed by the B2B/2GO team.

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