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Regardless of their area of expertise or their career development, all professionals can benefit from interacting with industry experts. Your events are the ideal environment for participants to share and benefit from each other’s incredible knowledge.

Beyond the realm of traditional conferences, we believe that participants can truly benefit from one-on-one meetings with experts during the event.

Give your participants the opportunity to sign up for pertinent coaching sessions held by industry-leaders and knowledgeable experts.

On the B2B/2GO platform, our features were conceived with the aim of addressing this goldmine of ideas and encouraging industry experts to share their advice with other participants.

An optimal business intelligence tool

Our technology is straightforward: the experts start by selecting their availabilities, before leaving participants the choice to reserve their preferred time slot.

Participants of your events have a lot in common, however their needs remain unique. It’s therefore important to offer them the opportunity to direct their questions to those who have the answers.

Furthermore, by having access to the profiles of users prior to the event, the experts can pre-emptively prepare themselves for their meetings.

When the meeting occurs, both participant and expert will have already been introduced via the platform. Therefore, instead of having general discussions or asking impertinent questions, the expert can immediately delve into a specific topic and offer individual advice. This ensures no time is lost and that each minute is fruitful.