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B2B/2GO is a turnkey web-based conferencing and networking solution for virtual, hybrid or in-person business events. Designed to adapt to the evolving needs of customers, the all-in-one platform offers a flexible, simple and precise environment, accompanied by a concierge service that stands out in the industry. Make your B2B events more attractive and relevant to your participants with the B2B/2GO networking solution.

création du profilQUICK REGISTRATION

The creation of the profile allows the participant to define what he is offering and what he is looking for, in order to generate offers and requests adequate to the needs of each. Signing up to the B2B platform is quick and easy.

création du profilTIME ORGANIZATION

The user sees all the activities offered during the face-to-face or virtual event (conference, workshops, receptions, etc.) and can register for those he likes. Your participants also have access to the profiles of other participants. The time zones are adaptable so that everyone has their personal calendar at their local time. The goal, successful planning, both for the participant and for the organizer of the event.


With a few clicks, users can find among the list of participants, people who have common interests. The platform analyzes the profiles and makes suggestions to match the profiles of your participants according to their areas of interest. Certain profiles are also put forward. Your participants have the opportunity to make more relevant and lasting B2B meetings. Attendees start the conversation using the built-in messaging system and schedule meetings to take place during the event. Interactions between participants can thus take place before, during and after networking events. During traditional B2B meetings, a chat system is available. During multi-party round tables, all participants have the opportunity to discuss in writing, or by video conference, at a specific time.


On the day of the event, the flow is fluid. The participants respect the personal agenda that they themselves have modulated. Whether for a conference, a round table or B2B meetings, various alerts (email, sms, etc.) make it easier to keep time. In addition, B2B/2GO is on site to facilitate meetings. B2B/2GO also provides support to users of the platform at all times, as needed. The whole platform, and therefore the virtual events, are hosted by B2B/2GO, ensuring high quality videos between your participants.

création du profilREPORTS

Receive a detailed report at the end of the event regarding the use of the platform: number of users, participation rate, list of appointments made, number of meetings held, etc. Measure the impact of your event with precise and relevant data.

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