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Benefit from comprehensive customer service, at every stage of your event

In addition to our technology, we provide ongoing support to both event planners and attendees before, during and after the B2B networking event.

Timely, fast and professional technical support

At B2B/2GO, we do everything we can to make your events a success. Our team of event experts are always available to answer your questions and those of your attendees. This translates into continuous technical support, before, during and after the event.

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

You benefit from a dedicated advisor providing you with technical support and answering all your questions, before, during and after the event. B2B / 2GO experts make sure meetings take place, help you manage the platform and meeting rooms during your B2B networking events. We offer event planners an ongoing service to facilitate the use of the platform.

  • Technical support to participants via live chat, email and phone

If they require technical assistance, participants can use our live chat tool on the platform. They can also reach us by email and phone. All questions and user requests are answered promptly by our dedicated professional team. This ensures that every user receives quality technical service. For example, our team can provide technical assistance regarding our features: time change, cancellation of appointments, reservation of additional appointments, validation of agendas, etc.

  • Web hosting support

B2B/2GO is the administrator of the system. We host all our platforms and make sure the system and the server work properly. Our technical team ensures the maintenance of the platform. You just have to focus on your event!

We appreciated the listening and openness of the whole team regarding the customization of the platform, the advice at this level as well, the undeniable professionalism and customer service made our event a resounding success. Lots of good comments from participants and our partners for the transition of our event to the B2B2Go platform.

D. Villeneuve, Fédération des transporteurs par autobus

Global implementation support & ease of use of the platform

With B2B/2GO, we prepare the platform for you! You just have to give the instructions, and you will have a fully operational platform, ready to go.

  • Configuration of the platform according to your needs

We tailor our solutions to the needs of each of our clients and their events.

  • Custom platform adapted to your brand

Banners, colors, logo, but also visibility of the event’s partners, we think of everything to create a platform in your image.

  • Communication and promotion of the platform

B2B/2GO event experts take care of sending communications and personalized reminders to users, while monitoring activity on the platform.

  • One-click registration

Registering for your conferences and workshops, whether virtual, in-person or hybrid, is quick and easy. Simply send a link to your participants, and they are connected!

Active support for your virtual and hybrid events

B2B/2GO brings its proven expertise to organizers for their virtual, in-person and hybrid business networking events. You can count on our team of event professionals to help you organize your virtual networking event

They trust us

Connect your participants with our matchmaking technology designed for your virtual, in-person or hybrid events.

Challenge us

Do you have a specific need? A special request?
B2B/2GO can integrate additional tools for you and even create an à la carte web platform for you.