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B2B/2GO is a reliable, convenient and much more efficient business networking solution than traditional networking. Thanks to artificial intelligence, our AI matchmaking platform allows your attendees to connect with the right people during your in-person, hybrid or virtual networking events.

BEFORE: Your participants get in touch with each other and set up meetings via the platform.

DURING: Every participant takes full advantage of the event. They can optimize their time while at the event thanks to their customized agenda. Plus, B2B/2GO will ensure that the meetings take place and that everything runs smoothly.

AFTER: Participants can continue their conversations on the B2B/2GO platform, which also provides organizers with complete and comprehensive post-event reports.

B2B/2GO provides customer support at all levels of your networking event, from start to finish.

The functionalities of our networking platform

Your B2B networking events are made for participants to meet and forge lasting and relevant connections. With B2B/2GO, empower your participants to connect with each other and achieve their goals.

  • Matchmaking technology to make it easier to meet like-minded people at networking events.
  • Quick and easy meeting booking, so attendees can schedule their meetings easily.
  • Possibility of face-to-face or videoconference meetings for your participants to connect in person or in their virtual meeting room.

Online profile creation, profile matching, participant interactions during the virtual event, time organization, calendar, post-event reports … explore the features of B2B/2GO platform, ensuring relevant networking!

Personalized customer service and support

Benefit from responsive, comprehensive and high-quality customer service at every stage of your event.

In addition to our technology, we provide ongoing support to both event planners and attendees before, during and after the B2B networking event.

An easy-to-use platform

You will get a platform up and running immediately upon delivery and easy to use.

  • Autonomous users regardless of the format of your events: virtual or in person events.
  • One-click registration: simply send an invitation to your participants to give them access to the platform.
  • Integrated videoconferencing tool: no additional downloads are necessary, our platform has all the required tools.

They trust B2B/2GO

Challenge us!

Do you have a special need ? A special request?
B2B/2GO can integrate additional tools for you and even create an à la carte web platform, adapted to your needs.

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