What Type of Event Should I Choose in 2022: Face-To-Face, Virtual or Hybrid?

What Type of Event Should I Choose in 2022: Face-To-Face, Virtual or Hybrid?

Laurence Dufour-Bouchard

February 25th 2022

In 2022, hosting events will be very challenging! Amid the perpetual uncertainty hanging over Quebec, and throughout the world, planning a professional meeting is even more difficult. So how do you survive the unpredictable? By being agile! Event organizers need to partner with a supplier who will be able to coach them in all circumstances. Otherwise, active listening, the presence of a “real” person throughout the project, and the ability to adapt to changing needs are also necessary ingredients for a successful corporate event, as is a flexible technological tool based on human experience, such as the one offered by B2B/2GO. In this article, let’s explore each type of event so that you can choose the one best suited for you.

Type of Event

The different types of business events all require similar preparation and planning. One of the things that connects them is the use of a technological platform to help manage and hold meetings. Are you ready for the hybrid shift? Do you prefer to stay virtual? Will you try a 100% face-to-face experience? Irrespective of your selection, please review the largest benefits of each mode and see how our platform can become a most valuable ally in your approach.

The Face-To-Face Event

Face-to-face events are the best format for cementing team cohesion, for example, through team-building activities to reinforce cohesion. Along with the famous office parties, attendance is essential for certain play-oriented activities, such as intra-team competitions or escape games.

Product launches are also much easier in a face-to-face setting, as participants can delve into the product on the spot, ask questions and get answers instantly.

One benefit of face-to-face meetings is evident: the quality of the meetings is excellent. Indeed, a face-to-face business meeting is always more likely to result in a transaction. Also, the participants’ attention is less divided. Naturally, they are more likely to pay attention in a conference room than in front of an individual speaking on screen.

Conversely, a face-to-face event comes at an additional cost to participants who must also travel, incurring transportation charges and sometimes accommodation and meal expenses. Therefore, some participants will choose not to attend an event because of the distance to be travelled. Time is also a factor against this type of event. Indeed, more time should be provided in a day, which is not always possible for everyone.

In this situation, the event platform will help prepare participants through the scheduling of targeted meetings during the event.

The Virtual Event

This kind of solution is perfect for corporate events, such as company seminars or trade shows, thanks to the use of our virtual platform. In fact, this tool is ideal for broadcasting conferences or holding personalized meetings in trade shows.

There are several benefits to this type of event. First of all, the cost. The virtual event is less expensive for the host. It can reduce the registration fees for participants, without forgetting that it makes it a frontier-free event, which allows international participants to attend at a fraction of the price.

Time optimization is also a great advantage in this type of arrangement. Participants can join in on activities between two office meetings. It is also possible to do more consecutive sessions virtually than face-to-face, since no travel is required.

On the downside, participants’ attention span is limited. In other words, they don’t want to spend a full day in front of a computer to attend meetings. Event hosts should therefore opt for a half-day format. Also, some people are not so familiar with technology. For this reason, virtual events should definitely include human support.

The Hybrid Event

This type of business event is the way to go if you need to enhance customer experience, as the hybrid format provides participants with a lot of flexibility. Participants can do as they wish: face-to-face meetings and others, online! This formula also helps you downsize travel time (so valuable for most of us).

Our technological tool will be very helpful, notably for the organization of a hybrid event, because of its multiple functionalities, for you and for the participants.

As a consideration, special attention must be paid to asymmetrical meetings (which are prone to participant fatigue and disengagement). Hosting hybrid events can be costly (chiefly in terms of increased outside trade expenses) for the planner, considering the organizational duplication.

Ultimately, whether you opt for a physical, virtual or hybrid session, and regardless of the format, the organization and management of the event, from start to finish, will greatly benefit from a technological platform like the one available with B2B/2GO. Make your life easier: contact our team now to set up your next event.

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