Event technology with a human touch

Event technology with a human touch

July 24th, 2019

The premise of events is to reunite a large group of people who share a common purpose or interest. It’s a space for communication, knowledge and sharing to thrive. Perhaps this is why event technology has been so successful and widely used to heighten event experiences.

The advantage of event technology

Indeed, technology has provided us with extensive communicative and organizational tools that have become essential to how a person experiences events. Recreational technology, such as VR or interactive spaces, bring excitement and entertainment during an event, whereas organizational technology, such as mobile applications, allow partakers to prepare for and navigate events more efficiently.

Whether it be a networking conference or a celebratory event, integrating technology into your festivities is absolutely crucial.

Choosing the right technology

An important question now arises. How do you choose the right technology to join your party? Simply put, you should favour a technology with a human support. Using a tool that not only prioritizes interactions between participants but also communicates with them, is the key to correctly integrating technology into your events.

Both prior to and during an event, a human contact with users helps contribute to the growth of technology in our events. It fosters a personalized experience, ensures a quality service and helps establish the use of technology in such a communicative environment.

Quality over quantity

Indeed, events are the ideal place to meet and mingle with like-minded people. Technological tools, such as B2B matchmaking apps, help participants with similar interests get in touch before the event in a way that wasn’t possible before. As these tools are discovered and integrated into events, having an active human support ensures a matchmaking process that favours quality over quantity.

User support and one-on-one meetings help evaluate user interests and expectations more accurately, while contributing to quality matchmaking. In turn, interactions between attendees are more relevant and interesting, and business networking is improved.

Active User Support

In the same vein, event mobile applications can now provide people with clear itineraries, easy registration and exclusive insights into festivities. Active user support before the event and stand by customer service during the event helps to supervise user experience and to receive feedback from participants.

This is especially important in a domain like event technology, which is only just beginning to make waves. Attendees of events aren’t yet familiar with the numerous event technologies available to them, thus it isn’t surprising that users would need guidance and human support to be able to make the best out of these technologies.

Building Connections

Finally, building relationships with users of event technology is crucial to understanding how these technologies will find their place in events of the future. In fact, our evaluations of user experience help us understand the needs of attendees and their willingness to use new interfaces in events.

Overall, events are an opportunity to create memories in a collaborative way, whether this be at a business event, a networking conference or even at private parties. By using a combination of different event technologies, you can play with participants curiosity and greatly enhance their interactions.

However, the key to choosing great event technologies, lies in the human support these will bring to participants. Having an active, on-going conversation with attendees at all stages of the event is absolutely essential.

Remember: events are first and foremost all about sharing as a group. And what better way to do that than by using technologies that prioritize real, human interactions?

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