What are the advantages of an event platform?

What are the advantages of an event platform?

Laurence Dufour-Bouchard

January 17th 2022

In the past decade, technology has played an increasingly crucial role in our day-to-day tasks and has become an important ally to achieve optimal efficiency and to aid in overcoming all types of challenges. The event industry is no exception. Indeed, the event industry has fully immersed itself in technology and now makes use of tech tools to offer top-tier broadcasting platforms and virtual meeting rooms. Keep reading to discover how event management platforms have become essential to any well-planned events.

Why use an event management platform?

Event organizers often use dashboards to help them manage their event programs, whether these be virtual or hybrid. Whatever type of event you are planning (general assemblies, round tables, virtual meetings, or even, business networking events), an event management platform will elevate the success of our online meetings. Technology tools are important allies which will assist you in more ways than one. Here are a few advantages of event platforms.

How to diversify activities on virtual conference platforms?

Firstly, this type of platform will allow you to gather your event program in one spot: B2B meetings, zoom conference invitations, email exchanges, and more! There are no limitations to the options offered to event organizers. Even participants benefit from having all necessary information at the tips of their fingers.

A personalized agenda

Secondly, participants can create their personalized agendas on event platforms. This is especially useful if your program offers a wide variety of activities, or even a targeted selection of topics. This tool is also a great option for hybrid events, offering participants the possibility to simultaneously register to in-person activities and virtual conferences.

Financial advantages

Another big advantage of these platforms, is that they can generate additional revenue! Indeed, with a sponsor plan carefully put in place, you can maximize the online space of the platform and the financial return of your event. This can also generate additional visibility opportunities for your partners.

A secure virtual environment

The majority of virtual platforms combine many technologies. For example, during a virtual event you may be brought to use Vimeo, Zoom, Bluejeans and Teams – a platform can gather these technologies into one virtual environment to offer users a more seamless experience. Platforms also offer extensive options for event organizers, such as round tables, workshops, conferences, or even private meetings. More importantly, this type of technology is, above all, flexible and secure. These are qualities that are very sought after by participants, but also by partners and sponsors.

A personalized live streaming platform

Another important benefit of video streaming platforms, are their capacity to be personalized and molded to the branding of your event. For instance, you can add visual branding elements to the platform, including your event colors and terminology. With an array of opportunities, such as media placements (images, videos and GIFs) or various promotional formats (banners, networking placements), all types of events are sure to find an efficient way to communicate their branding to participants.

How do business events benefit from event platforms?

In addition to offering a simple and intuitive interface, event platforms are also a great matchmaking tool for your business events. What better to offer your participants enhanced networking opportunities at your event? By using this type of program, your participants can benefit from a technology that helps them establish contact with participants who share their common interests.

An ongoing virtual experience

The beauty of a virtual event is that it’s not frozen in time! With event management platforms, you can offer your participants an ongoing experience; before, during and after your event. Give your participants the opportunity to prepare their attendance by planning business meetings and interacting with participants before your event. This will allow your attendees to target their networking and plan rewarding business meetings. After the event, they will even have the opportunity to follow-up with their new contacts and wrap up their networking. As an event organizer, you will also find many advantages to these platforms, as these allow you to share industry news, program developments and privileged sponsorships with your attendees.

The importance of human centric technology

Finally, this tool offers the best of both worlds: technology with a human touch. Beyond the technological opportunities, you will also benefit from great service! The efficiency of event management still relies on project managers, who will guide you at every stage of your event. A technology expert can create a platform which will answer your precise needs, therefore freeing you from added stress. In addition, you will be able to delegate some tasks to your project manager, such as event communications and tech support for your participants. Overall, event platforms will guarantee you are accompanied by an expert during the promotion of your event.

Organizing virtual events, in-person events, or even hybrid events, requires nonetheless a varied skillset. Are you looking to plan an event, but you aren’t feeling up to the task? Fortunately, there are companies like B2B/2GO that offer turnkey services, in addition to an event platform focused on quality and diversity. Contact us for professional event support.

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