With B2B/2GO,
every event is an occasion to elevate business networking.

Proven expertise in event management

At B2B/2GO, our refined knowledge of event management is what sets us apart. Indeed, our expertise in this field has allowed us to promote, organise and uphold efficient networking activities amongst participants and organisers of diverse corporate networking events with B2B components. Jean-Pierre Dubois, the founder and president of B2B/2GO, has been a leading figure in the industry of event management for over 25 years.

A Montreal company with a global footprint

B2B/2GO is proud to have found its roots in Montreal and to serve its vast repertoire of clients in both of Canada’s official languages. As a company that is strongly anchored in Quebec, B2B/2GO is on the rise and currently benefits from having employees in many of the world’s largest cities.

In 2018, B2B/2GO was integrated into events on a global scale. Indeed, our services were experienced in over 20 global capitals, from North America to the Arabian Peninsula, and from Europe to Asia.

Our added value

At B2B/2GO, we owe our success to our ability and devotion to adapt ourselves to the changing needs of our clients. As well as providing a turnkey business network solution, our employees also offer top-tier concierge services. This ensures that the entirety of your project is looked after, whether this be before, during and after your event. In the interest of being transparent, our clients are also given full access to post-event reports with details of every meeting that took place. It is precisely these detailed reports which have allowed us to challenge the status quo, continuously improve ourselves and repeatedly excel in our projects.

We perceive ourselves as an extension of our clients. In fact, prior to each event, the B2B/2GO team collaborates with clients to evaluate their needs and to create a personalized networking platform that is uniquely adapted to their vision.