Our values

  • Networking

    B2B/2GO accelerates business networking by giving participants the opportunity to rapidly progress their contact status into an actual partnership.

  • Guidance

    B2B/2GO offers an exceptional environment and top-grade service, providing an excellent user experience beyond simple networking.

  • Business Intelligence

    B2B/2GO is fully aware of its customers’ needs and the trends of their industries. It offers business intelligence that pushes the limits of traditional technological solutions.

  • Reliability

    B2B/2GO provides a reliable platform that expands the potential for networking while protecting the information provided by its users.

  • Simplicity

    B2B/2GO offers a user-friendly platform and reliable technical support, along with the capacity to enhance its ease-of-use as required.

  • Innovation

    B2B/2GO does things differently, both in terms of its technological applications and its potential benefits to customers.

  • Efficiency

    B2B/2GO provides tools enabling optimal networking performance, while remaining a potential source of income for event organizers.